Welcome to OnCKB!

OnCKB is the source for developers who build on the Common Knowledge Base. To build on CKB, find the developer documentation at docs.nervos.org.

There is ongoing Ecosystem Grants Program. If you are searching for a fund for your program, apply now.

Or start your conversation at the official forum: TALK.

Offcial dev updates: official tech blog

The core developers’ blog sites:

  • Jan Xie made the CKB architecture design.
  • Xuejie Xiao is the author of CKB VM.
  • Ian is leading the CKB development website. He also led the CKB development update .
  • JJY blogs more about building Rust on CKB. Follow his steps and build your stuff on CKB.
  • Driftluo is the author of P2P for CKB, and he is very active in the Rust China community and mentors newcomers often.